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by : Arief Muhammad   

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Duo is a world quality all weather outdoor & indoor furniture producer. Through this website they would like to share their optimism of staring a brighter future.  With the launch of their fully independent Quality Control department and opening of their additional new production facility in the international container harbor port of Semarang, they are confident that opportunity in offering best products in best prices is now in their own hands. Their distribution network spread already in many countries all over the world. So they can continue their mission of sharing fabulous hand woven all weather furniture for outdoor & indoor with people all around the globe.

Through the catalogue in website people can get information all various Duo's
collections, from Designer Collection, Bambino, Sunbed, Sofa & Lounges, Tables & Chairs, and Accesories. They hope it can inspire people to keep beautifying their home, garden and resorts. Duo provides also Duo Weaves, are special selected quality all weather fiber and Duo Plush, the sunproof fabrics that withstand all weather conditions in various colors, as material to be used for furniture, to complete the wide range of their products.