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We have started our business since 2002, thus we have been very familiar and know about web design business. We know which will work and which will not work for a web development. ALAMAYA gives you, business owners an easy way to develop your business via online by giving accurate and precise solutions. ALAMAYA specifies the business in giving you services on website designs, the supporters, and software development start from the web-based brochures up to websites with complicated application. With deep abilities, understanding in the business, as well as year-experiences, we will place you and your business leading the market.


old version of Alamaya website, has won some award

Websites we develop always point to our understanding about business and customers. Thus, it makes all website we created effective and optimal for your business marketing needs. With more than 9 year-experiences, we constantly exist to give best services to individual companies, small companies, medium companies, to enterprise companies in presenting marketing tools as the answer of Information technology.