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ALAMAYA Host is a hosting division from PT. Indonesia Online as specialized in hosting provider based on Windows Server 2003 that fulfill with many supporting facility. For variant developer application that use ASP, PHP,, MS. Access, MySQL and also many others developer application. With server located in USA and Indonesia giving you possibility to make faster downloading in Indonesia or abroad with the supported of Automated Hosting Controller(R) as trusted control panel, completed with simple navigation system which are easy in use that create easiness in manage by yourself where or when ever you might be.

These following lists are Hosting Package Offer that may considered with your need

Hosting Package 1 Gigabyte (Corporate Services)
  • 1GB Hosting Storage 
  • Unlimited Data Transfer 
  • Unlimited Anti Spam & Anti Virus Email
  • 1 Control Panel / FTP account 
  • Unlimited Sub Domain 
  • Hosting untuk 5 Domain
  • Unlimited MySQL Database
  • SmarterStats Web Statistic
This Hosting corporate already being completed with Corporate Services where all the Technical Hosting Management which has problem with email, hosting and domain we will handle and solve with our professional team work, it help you to less in making supervise in band which has connection with email, spamming, hosting down or domain extension delayed. As following are the benefits for you to choose our hosting corporate package .


Many common issued that happen these days are that company owner or corporate don’t know who to be trust for maintaining their domain name, this issued seem appear because Administrative (password and user name) of domain should be handle by Company Owner or Company Representative. Even domain is only name, however this is an icon of that company itself that represent email, corporate file, corporate information and etc. If these information are not secure or handle by the right person it can caused and affect for your company because it being used in wrong purpose such as file, information stealing, deception in the name of company or the worst is that this issued can caused you company stop to be operate because your domain has been remove or sell to third person which don't have any relation with your company.

We are giving you a solution for those company owner or companies that wanted your domain bring great effort such as:
  • Company Alert and Protection against your retired staff might step out with all of your domain password
  • Preventing Domain Password Lost
  • Supported with Professional Virtual IT Team Work
  • Annual Reminder for your Domain Extension
  • Giving you temporary extension period for your domain during the expired of your domain contract with us
  • Anytime Chat and Mobile Phone Support


is place where entire website files are being restored. Inside server which connected with Internet for 24 hour non stop everyday. Server should have good guarantee update to be able to serve information neither it email or website. It required great computer to support server to be able to operate well and long lasting as it function to be online 24/7. We provide hosting service that can fulfill all what you need with less expense but still with great quality. Hosting Corporate Services is hosting services from us PT. Indonesia Online to push your expenses in IT and you don't need to be confuse to set up your server by yourself, let us as the expert working on it for you. We will protect your website files and your emails.

These following are your benefits if you choose our Hosting Corporate Services:
  • Anytime back up in anticipating in data lost for you
  • Support by professional IT virtual team work
  • Hosting password lost anticipate
  • Server adjust with published website files
  • Set up hosting when problem appear
  • Chat support and mobile phone support anytime


is communication tools that very famous is this decade compare to Mobile Phone, with your email you can send any kind of files in digital format. Meanwhile there is still many people who used the benefit of email to make unwanted advertising that send to us. People named this kind of email as SPAM email. Our system already use Anti SPAM system that really effective in fight against SPAM email inside your email. Email will be check first through some steps inside SPAM filter such as SPF, RBL, Spam Assasins Server, Custom Header, and Reverse DNS. Completed with facility POP3 which create easiness for you in managing email files inside your computer with using MS. Outlook Express Software, MS. Outlook, Eudora Mail or others email reader software. With our Corporate Hosting Service Package will bring easiness for you in doing these items such as:
  • Maintenance Email including stand by back up system
  • Support by professional IT Visual Team Work
  • Make an Account email as the Administrator Email
  • Manually Screening Against SPAM
  • Anytime Consultation regarding email trouble
  • Chat Support and Mobile Phone Support anytime

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