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Marketing Promotion by Social Network (Facebook, Twitter)

Promotion through social network now days such as Facebook, Twitter and other social network is an effective way to raise your company promotion, through bookmarking process on social website user will easily remember your business and pay attention on your promotion. Beside bookmarking will also publish as something that eye catchy, and connection between you and your customer become more intensive because all your latest promotion information Will appear on your customer wall on social website for those who has join your company group on social website. ALAMAYA as provider in giving you service for promotion on social network website will always update the latest information about your company, which result for those users who joined your group will know direct your company notice without necessary open your website first.

Increasing your website visitor by social network

Social network is new trend in marketing world especially in Search Engine Marketing (SEM).This promotion way is an effective way and really helping in socialized Internet using these days. No one denied that social network bring fresh air into your online marketing business through Internet. In less than few years behind there is increasing in Internet use since 2000 until 2009 was increased average 400%.


ALAMAYA as the provider of services in promotion by social network will make this few steps to make promotion by social network for your company :
  • Introducing your business into special website page for promotion through social network (Social Media)
  • Connecting all official link of your business with all social network that exist
  • Set up the right keyword for your business website which result it make user can find your website page easily
  • Give notice to allyour friend that has joined social network to promote your business by information that your share on their walls
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