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ALAMAYA is a leading Web Design Developer company in Indonesia. We serve projects and clients from Indonesia and overseas. Starting the business in 2002, with years-experience, we have been very familiar and know deeply about web business. We know which will work and which will not for internet marketing.

Unlike other website developers, Alamaya is given talents in many sectors of website development and the marketing. Our company has obtained awards as value added from Indonesia and overseas. With precise marketing system, we know you are here because you know and understand a website as an essential part in your business marketing and give more result for your business.

How can we help you? We will build a complete web-based application that enables you and your organization work less with more result. We will make your websites work harder for you to increase selling through the internet.

Point values of ALAMAYA:

  • A company with experiences in Web Design & Development, Internet Marketing and Search Engine Marketing enable you to have a personal assistant for internet business.
  • Front on Technology, with a high spirit and emphasize on learning, Alamaya comes as the leader in the use of technology.
  • Analysis study is an important standard required to develop a website optimally. It also comes as our procedure standard in the making of every website so that website design made is easy to use and is accessible for your customers. Our motto is "Design is not only nice to look but also easy to use"
  • Back-up system as an important fundamental in your business and ours. With other supporters such as Antispam email and server as the main bridge for information to come in and out, your business will always be secured so that you will not be occupied in it.
  • After-sales Maintenance Services are significant for your business. You do not have to get your won team to update your websites continually. What you need to do is sending us email or by phone and tell what changes you want for your websites. We will follow up immediately. You can also visit our member area in our website and submit ticket for every changing request you want us to do.
  • Online Consultation Services enable you not to make a decision on your own hand on your online business. We will always update with latest information today. You can try to chat online on this service.