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by : Arief Muhammad   

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Adventure & Spirit is the first company in Indonesia (operate by a french guy passionate by canyoning and Indonesia),  which opens and installs canyon equipments and offers training activities and canyoning.They have official permission to provide canyoning training.

Their guide and instructors, by following the standard of FFS (Fédération Française de spéléologie-Federation of France Speleology), and EFC (École Française de Canyon-France Canyon School), are capable of providing a professional service assurance, serious and safe, both at the time to take you to do canyoning as well as in overseeing the quality and safety of any equipment used.
Every canyon that they offer have been opened, recorded, and carefully studied (including: altitudes, difficulty levels, water discharge in the downstream and upstream at different seasons, creeks, emergency exits, and travel back in time), they make the topography, equipped with equipment and maintained (or replaced if necessary). All are done only by them.

Each program which is offered to you is aimed so that you can enjoy the holiday, expedition or training you need and find a hidden treasure in nature that is still virgin, beautiful and in the maximum security level.

.Ranging from light trekking in the water and canyoning trip for beginners - to the level of sportsmanship or extreme canyoning, Adventure and Spirit also offer expedition trips to open canyons which are still wild in Indonesia.

·Canyoning training from beginner level that can trigger real enthusiasm and interest, to professional training to become a guide.

· Equipment and Supplies rental  to do self canyoning without the help of our guides.
Whether you are a beginner or an expert, do not hesitate to contact us.

Enjoy your canyon trip.