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by : Ivan Parangan   

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bali Safari & Marine Park is the new creation from the operators of world-renown Taman safari Indonesia. With more than hundreds animals and 50 species, the park was designed using newest techniques and made to emphasize natural settings and habitats of the animals.

They had 8 package to ready bring their visitor into great experience. Those package are safari explorer, jungle hopper, elephant back safari, safari adventure, leopard, rhino, pratama and madya. By face to face with many animals, the visitor has the opportunity to see a wildlife living naturally all together in these open range regions and their allowed to take as many photos, all from the comfort and safety with air conditioned safari tram with personal guide.

Fulfilling its mission of conservation, education and recreation through one of Bali Safari & Marine Park attractive Elephant Show devoted to animals involved in conservation and education projects and so much more excitement by riding the elephant with Elephant Back Safari around the African Savannah and get to see your favorite animal up close! in Animal Encounter make the Bali Safari and Marine Park's leading familiy attraction and adventure in Bali.