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by : Eka Novitha R.S   

Thursday, October 6, 2011

A BIT OF HISTORY... After creating ago in France over 15 years, NOUVELLES DESTINATIONS, Tour Operator specializing in distribution of Parks & Recreation in the world I chose to start a new business. The development of NOUVELLES DESTINATIONS, become a leader in France with over 60,000 clients a year allowed me to refine a new model of Internet service more human scale on an island that everyone agrees to appear as a little paradise : BALI. As many of you is coming to spend a month vacation I fell in love with "the island of smiles. " It always comes back transformed from a trip but I think even more of Bali. The zen of the island added to the goodness of people and scenics beauty transports you forever in another dimension. I've never met a person disappointed with his stay in Bali. So I decided to use my experience in tourism, travel and love of human relationships to help you get an idea where you find the values that we all look far from home. A warm welcome, a home where you feel good and happiness of its activities to choose the card according to his desires and his pace.