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by : Liza Fauziah K    

Sunday, October 23, 2011

At the press of a button, an automated gate opens to the picturesque domain of ELLORA. A pathway adorned by a beautiful multicolored rose garden and a well-tended lawn with olive trees on either side leads the visitor to a typical villa of the French Riviera with its inimitable arches and tiled roof. The manicured garden fully mirrors the flora of the region.

From the elegantly furnished terrace, one looks out to a large swimming pool with the vista of the fabled Valbonne village against the backdrop of the Mercantour  mountain- range.

Visitors can move around freely in the vast grounds of this estate without any security concerns thanks to a protective sophisticated electronic surveillance system.

The property is ideally located: only 1.5 km from Valbonne, 12 km from Cannes, 10 km from Anitbes and 25 km from Nice. It is surrounded by six golf courses, tennis clubs and horse-riding schools in short distances.