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by : Liza Fauziah K    

Sunday, October 23, 2011

PT. AMANAID, is a company engaged in the Waste System (Waste Water Treatment) established in Bali, Indonesia in 2000. Using a technology-based Aerated Waste Water Treatment System (AWTS), we developed a modular waste water treatment products under the brand names Bio-Save Tank as well as several supporting products such as Composit Man Hole, Composit Grease Trap, Composit IC Tank Effluent Pump & Tank, which has been applied in some regions in Indonesia such as Bali, Java, Jakarta, Lombok, Sumbawa, Flores, Irian Jaya and other Working closely with H2O Solutions Pty.Ltd, Australia, we developed the Waste Water Treatment products for both Domestic and Commercial needs, as a solution to the problems of pollution caused by organic waste, and to pursue breakthroughs essential to the use of processed products to goals more efficiently. Our vision is to create a better environment for generations to come. Our mission to find and create a system that is effective and financially accessible. With enough experience and relentless innovation that we are determined to help the people who need a quality living environment and quality of life better.